Parissa Natural Hair Remover Microwaveable Warm Wax,


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  • Parissa Warm Wax is a professional strength wax that is effective on all hair types.
  • Parissa Warm Wax provides lasting results by removing hair from the root and discouraging re-growth. This means your skin stays smooth for weeks longer than shaving. Each time you wax, the hair follicle is weakened, over time hair regrowth becomes softer and sparser
  • Parissa Warm Wax is a professional style wax for those with waxing experience. It is effective on all hair types including coarse hair.
  •  Warm Parissa Warm Wax in the microwave or on a Parissa Wax Warmer. Apply a paper thin layer in the direction of hair growth. Press on fabric strips and zip away. Clean-up or remove any excess wax with Azulene oil provided. Your kit includes detailed photo instructions, please read them as technique is key. But don’t be shy get in touch if you have questions! We’re here to help.