NutraTiva Algal Omega-3 + Hemp Oil, Chocolate Mint, Vegetarian




Finally, a hemp seed oil that tastes great. Now you can enjoy the delicious taste of NutraTiva, a chocolate mint flavoured, algal omega-3 + hemp seed oil. NutraTiva Algal Omega-3 + Hemp contains 500 mg of EPA+DHA and 200 mg of hemp seed oil. No THC or CBD. This vegetarian plant-sourced formulation supports the maintenance of good health, cardiovascular health, and brain function.


OMEGA 3 SUPPLEMENT: A great tasting, liquid plant-sourced formula omega 3 + hemp seed oil for the maintenance of good health.

PURE AND DELICIOUS: NutraTiva Algal Omega-3 has 150mg EPA + 300mg DHA and 200 mg of hemp seed oil per serving.

HEALTH & WELLNESS BENEFITS: NutraTiva helps in the maintenance of cardiovascular health, brain and eye functions and good health.

MADE WITH GOODNESS: NutraTiva algal is vegan-friendly and PureCheck guaranteed.

DIRECTIONS: Adults 18 years and over take 1 tsp daily.


Shake well before each use.

Adults 18 years and over take 1 tsp. (5 ml)


Total EPA + DHA; EPA; DHA; Sunflower Oil*; Natural Flavours;
Green Tea Extract; Rosemary Extract; Tocopherols (Soy); Ascorbyl
Palmitate; Monk Fruit Extract.

Safety Warnings

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult a health care practitioner prior to use.

Store in original container, protected from light. Refrigerate after opening and
consume within 100 days.