Nalgene Wm Orange


Nalgene Outdoor Classic Wide Mouth Bottle Nalgene water bottles are made from polycarbonate. Polycarbonate plastic is an extremely impact-resistant material so it doesn't absorb smell or taste of is blown water and doesn't fade. It is dishwasher safe and temperature resistant from ° C to + 135 °C (180 °F) is the ideal material for high-quality retractile rope. The most popular Nalgene bottle is available in 8 different colours. The large 53 mm opening makes it easy to ice cubes einzufüllen, will fit on most water filter and makes the wash hands child's play. The Fix mounted can't be lost or forgotten and is easy to use.

  • NALGENE Outdoor Classic wide mouth bottle
  • Excellent bottles with professional features
  • Completely Neutral in taste, completely airtight, easy to clean, making it virtually indestructible and all this with a bit of weight
  • Made from the BPA free Tritan TM.
  • With large closure and lid attachment loop – Top).