Multi Tap Ground 6 Outlets


Expand your outlet’s capacity with the GE-branded 6-Outlet Grounded Tap. Featuring six grounded outlets, each wall tap transforms your regular three-prong outlet into an efficient charging station. The black exterior and space-saving design of the wall tap adapter allow it to blend in seamlessly to your existing décor and make it perfect for any room in your home, regardless of size or setup. The outlet extender is ideal in home or office setups and the perfect addition to seasonal lighting. For even more convenience, the tap can be simply plugged into a duplex outlet for temporary use or secured with a mounting screw for permanent placement.

  • Power More – Turn 2 outlets into 6 with the GE-branded 6-Outlet Adapter that can power your home or office electronics.
  • Charging Station – Create a charging hub for your portable devices by plugging chargers into these 3-prong outlets to keep your cell phone, tablet, Bluetooth speakers, Nintendo Switch, smartwatch or Fitbit fully powered.
  • Space Saving – Expanding your outlet can be sleek with this slim outlet adapter wall tap to power your devices.
  • Secure – Keep the wall tap in place with the center screw to anchor the outlet extender in place.