Gillette Venus Sensitive Disposable Razors for Women with Sensitive Skin


  • Our Gillette Venus Sensitive disposable razor for women is a 3 bladed razor designed for women with sensitive skin.
  • This razor features 3 blades for a smooth shave and a SkinElixir lubrastrip that releases a perfect dose of protection you can feel.
  • DISPOSABLE RAZORS: Sensitive disposable women’s razors. No refills needed
  • SAVE TIME: These female razors have 3 blades, shaving hair quickly and effectively
  • 3 BLADES: The razor's 3 blades and SkinElixir lubrastrip for glide, deliver a close shave with ease and comfort
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE: designed with a soft-grip gel to comfortably fit your hands
  • DURABLE DESIGN: These razors last for up to one month (based on a twice-a-week shave); just use and replace when you're ready for a new one