Gillette ProGlide Razors for Men


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  • The Gillette ProGlide razors for men provide the precision of a Gillette shave with comfort and style.
  • This men's razor features an enhanced lubrastrip with more lubricants (vs. Gillette Fusion) for comfort and glide designed to give you a great shaving experience.
  • The soft microfins gently stretch and smooth skin while the microcomb guides your hair to the blade, giving you a close shave.
  • The Precision Trimmer on the back is perfect for styling facial hair.
  • Our five antifriction razor blades ensure a smooth shave, fitting all Gillette 5-blade razor handles (excluding GilletteLabs). ProGlide refills can last up to one month!
  • Keeping your razor and your shaves at their best.
  • Gillette ProGlide was formerly known as the Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide razors for men.
  • 5 ANTIFRICTION BLADES Gillette's best blades for a close shave
  • ENHANCED LUBRASTRIP (vs Fusion5) with more lubricants adds comfort and glide
  • UP TO 1 MONTH of shaves with each refill
  • Formerly called Gillette Fusion5 ProGlide
  • MICROCOMB helps guide hair to the blades
  • PRECISION TRIMMER on the back for hard-to-reach places and styling