Genteal Artifical Tears


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  • GenTeal is designed for fast, soothing relief from dry, irritated or itchy eyes.
  • These drops contain Polyquad, a safe and comfortable preservative that’s gentle on eyes.
  • Easily relieve moderate eye discomfort and irritation from dry eye and allergies.
  • These drops provide lasting relief while protecting against further irritation.
  • GenTeal Tears delivers fast, soothing relief of your dry eye symptoms and acts as a protectant against further irritation.
  • With three formula strengths, there’s a GenTeal Tears product right for a range of dry eye symptoms.
  • Moderate Dry Eye Symptom Relief
  • Fast Soothing Relief
  • Quick relief from moderate irritation and discomfort
  • Relieves discomfort: Provides relief from moderate irritation and discomfort caused by dry eye symptoms