Dasani Bottled Water


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Before it’s bottled, DASANI® Water is purified using reverse osmosis filtration—a process that removes impurities. After filtration, the purified water is enhanced with a proprietary blend of minerals so that each bottle of DASANI® has the pure, crisp taste that you want from water, ready to enjoy anywhere, anytime.

  • DASANI® is proudly bottled in Canada in 100% recyclable PlantBottles made from up to 30% plant-based material. These special bottles are created just for our water, helping to reduce our environmental footprint.
  • DASANI®’s For Every Drop™ program means that for every drop of water that we use to fill DASANI® water bottles, we give back the same amount to sustainable water programs.
  • DASANI® is bottled water that’s designed to make a difference. This is hydration redefined. This delicious water comes in a variety of sizes to make it easy to hydrate anywhere, anytime.DASANI®. Pure, crisp taste.