Cortisol Manager®




Integrative Therapeutics Cortisol Manager is a unique blend of herbs, including Ashwagandha, Magnolia, plus L-Theanine and Phosphotidylserine, that is traditionally used in Ayurveda as a sleep aid.


PREMIUM FORMULA: A blend of Ashwagandha, Magnolia, plus L-Theanine and Phosphotidylserine.

HEALTH & WELLNESS: Sleep support; Traditionally used in Ayruveda as a sleep aid.

TRUSTED BRAND: Integrative Therapeutics is trusted by a wide variety of health care practitioners to provide safe and effective supplements.

DIRECTIONS: Take 1 tablet before bedtime; For nightly use.


Adults take 1 tablet per day at bedtime.

Safety Warnings

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding or if you are taking prescription drugs, consult your health care practitioner prior to use. Consumption with alcohol, other drugs or natural health products with sedative properties is not recommended.