Boston Advance Cnd Sol


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Boston Advance Comfort Formula Conditioning Solution contains a unique preservative and wetting system designed to enhance lens performance. This formula contains a combination of effective ingredients which provides a soothing effect on your eyes, lengthens lens wettability, and reduces deposit formation.
Before handling lenses, wash hands and position yourself over a flat surface covered with a soft towel.
After cleaning, lenses should be conditioned by soaking in the Conditioning Solution for at least 4 hours (or overnight) before wearing.
1. Remove lens from storage case, reapply fresh Conditioning Solution if desired and insert.
2. If a lens is removed from your eye temporarily, rub several drops of the Conditioning Solution on both surfaces prior to reinsertion.
3. Thoroughly clean interior of storage case with two drops of Cleaner. Rinse thoroughly with hot water and air dry. Replace the Conditioning Solution daily.