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SpecsX is bringing eye care to the world anytime, anywhere.

We are inviting rural and remote communities to hold one of our pop-up eye care clinics.

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How It Works?

We send an eye doctor and their team to your community for 3-5 days to host a pop-up clinic. We will work with you to find the appropriate location to host the clinic. Eye exams will be performed and glasses will be fitted. For those with coverage we will complete the paperwork and submit it for you. We will then ship your glasses to your community for distribution.

Book a Pop-up Clinic


What We Leave Behind?

We leave behind a virtual kiosk to serve as a point of contact to re-engage with your eye doctor or order new glasses and eye products. For those with access to mobile technology they will be able to do this via our mobile app. We will hire and train a community member to be a champion of the clinic and the ongoing kiosk program to support members of the community with the technology.

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Who Can Apply?

Any community that is seeking better access to quality eye care services.

Book a Pop-up Clinic

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