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Our HIPAA, PIPEDA, ENISA compliant technology platform integrates with your clinic to provide patients an unforgettable eyecare health experience. Imagine automating PD measurements, visual acuity tests and frame measurements while providing ecommerce access to prescriptions, medical OTC products, cosmetics, and tele-health. Bring the world of healthcare, pharmacy and beauty into your optometry clinic. The result is a unique and complete patient-doctor visit with integrated payments, appointment scheduling, virtual try-on, and more.

* prices are denoted in U.S. dollars.

  • Ongoing access and support to ecommerce eyecare application and automated Kiosk
  • Automated recurring revenues through subscription services
  • Increase client retention
  • Reduce Cost of Goods (COGs)
  • Scale online and expand your physical footprint
  • Join Kiosk Exchange Program with other healthcare practitioners
  • Back-end management of supply chain and marketing to lower your overhead costs and free up you and your staff
  • VIP early access to innovative technologies that keep your practice ahead of the game

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Lensbox+ Membership for Practitioners
Lensbox+ Membership for Practitioners

Lensbox+ Membership for Practitioners

Low cost, scalable solution bundles LIVE telehealth, with e-commerce and product delivery that creates a memorable eyecare experience both in clinic and outside the clinic to grow your practice.