Welcome to DrugSmart Pharmacy Group

We're a rapidly growing group of independently owned pharmacies driven to change the world by providing customers with exceptional service and the most innovative solutions in healthcare. Our diverse portfolio in the healthcare industry leverages an ability to adapt to unique opportunities and niche markets. We have a strong focus on developing new concepts in the field and staying on top of emerging healthcare trends.

We are proud to be founded and operated by a family with deep roots in pharmacy reaching back just over 40 years. The Jetha siblings were basically born in their dad's pharmacy. He owned and operated a pharmacy in Bobcaygeon, the small town where they grew up – and yes, they know all of the words to the Tragically Hip song. They were raised working in that pharmacy, and made it a success as a family.

When they were no longer disputing who had to do the inventory count with their dad, the three entrepreneurs put their heads together using their shared experiences and learnings, and DrugSmart Pharmacy Group (DSPG) was born.

Fast forward to today, DSPG is an exceptional and diverse team of pharmacists, entrepreneurs, and allied health professionals all focussed on one thing – your health. Every customer that walks through our door or visits us online has unique health and wellness goals, and we're here to help you achieve them.

We're guided by our five core principles in every decision we make:


  1. Transparent. Be open. Be kind. Be honest.
  2. Bright. Be positive. Be creative. Be innovative.
  3. Driven. Never be satisfied. Always strive to be better.
  4. Service above all else. Be a champion for your customers and your colleagues.
  5. Pride. Be proud to #BeDrugSmart.

The family-owned, entrepreneurial history of DrugSmart Pharmacy facilitates a humbled, patient-first approach in everything we do. We look forward to changing the world with you!