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Lensbox builds healthcare infrastructure, technology, and practitioner + patient connections to accelerate better eyecare for all.

At our core, we operate on creativity, integrity, and inclusivity.

If you are not 100% happy with our products and services, we issue you a full refund and work hard to regain your confidence.

To book a partial eye exams to address dry eye, red eye, pink eye, styes, minor injuries, referrals, contact lens related problems can book an appointment through the app!


We believe healthcare professionals and consumers working together to create better eyecare outcomes is the best way to address the following needs in Canada:

  1. Poor vision is the largest preventable disability in the world and, in Canada alone, 2/3 of the population depend on vision care solutions.

  2. A 2012 study in Canada by the CNIB and the University of Waterloo’s School of Optometry estimates that one in seven Canadian adults may be living with a form of vision loss, much of which could be corrected. Children are at particular risk for missed diagnoses.

  3. Only around 10 million Canadians annually are served by the optical industry with an eye exam. There is therefore a significant number of Canadians who have not had an exam in the past 5 years or have in fact never had an eye exam at all!

  4. There are a large number of children with uncorrected refractive errors (approx. 2M), and we also acknowledge that a large number of adults (we estimate 6% of all adults - around 3M) suffer from the same issue.

  5. Due to economic and geographical challenges, many Canadians have no access to eyecare or eyewear.

  6. The cost of vision loss in Canada is estimated to be over $15.8 billion annually, with 68% of adults with vision loss being unemployed. (Vision Health Coalition)

  7. Myopia: About 60% of Canadian children, or 1/3 Canadian kids suffer from reading difficulties linked to undetected or uncorrected vision problems. (Vision Health Coalition).